Horses have always been a big part of my life since I was a little girl.  I used to spend hours at the yard when I was a teenager grooming, mucking out, learning to ride, trimming, practising my plaiting, hanging out with friends, grooming again and just being around the horses. 


As my life got busier and more hectic, I always made time for the horses, as it’s the only place where I could fully switch off and just enjoy my hobby. Horses are my happy place and where I can take time out and calm my soul.  I love their company, feel, presence and even their smell.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you turn up to the yard.


Now I’m a Mum and have been keen for the kiddies to learn about horse care and how to ride, and to share my passion with them.  Princess & Bunny enjoy riding the most and it’s wonderful watching their equestrian journey, although Jett does love to oil a hoof or four!

The fact this is a family passion meant it was very important to me to make sure that KP Equestrian is for everyone. I can't tell you how close horses have brought me and my family. I love it!

what do you love the most about horses?

"I love their company, feel, presence and even their smell. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you turn up to the yard"


kp equestrian. born from my passion to #dazzleinthesaddle

With horses having been such a large part of my life for so long I’ve focussed on getting my KP Equestrian range ready for you all, as it means so much to me.  So you too can Dazzle in the Saddle and we can all share in our riding experiences.

Our clothing has been developed with the comfort & style of riders in mind.  Kids, menswear & horsewear to follow soon. It's a process I have really loved. Designing the products that I have always wanted with my own sparkle added.

I’ve been blessed to have had a lot of lessons from some inspirational riders over the years and previously to have competed in dressage.  I’ll happily jump a cross pole but will leave the puissance up to you lot! But my biggest dream for KP Equestrian is that you guys love it, wear it and inspire our next range. It would be amazing if one day I spot a rider wearing what I designed mucking out, hacking or even jumping. It won't be me jumping in it thats for sure.